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Patientfy provides healthcare web design powered by HIPAA compliant apps for forward-thinking Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals & Healthcare providers.

Starting at $100/mo

What's Included?*

Starting at $100/mo: Custom web design, HIPAA compliant email, dynamic Google SEO, and social media monitoring for Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals & Healthcare providers.

1. A.I Custom Web Design

We've analyzed +1,000,000 patient website visits across +30 healthcare specialities to engineer the right content, mobile design and branding of healthcare websites.

Whether you need customization, practice connectivity, geolocation, or a simple basic website, Patientfy can build anything beyond your imagination.

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

Our patients continue to share how easy it is to navigate our custom website, pay online and schedule appointments.

- Dr. Phil K., Dentist

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy
(For Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals & Healthcare providers)

2. HIPAA Compliant Email

We include a HIPAA compliant email that allows you to share documents, X-rays and send emails to patients and healthcare professionals inside or outside your practice.

Use your favorite email client: Outlook, Apple Mail, Android, Windows and iOS.

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

Having a secure website is important to our practice. Patients should feel comfortable and confident when emailing our urgent care team.

- Dr. Rick W., Urgent Care

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

3. Dynamic Google SEO

With Patientfy, ranking on Google is no longer a mystery. We build healthcare websites with Google's best web design practices.

Whether you have one practice location or more, Patientfy can help you beat the competition and reach more patients.

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

One of the best business decisions we've made was to hire Patientfy. Our website stays updated, secure, & on page 1 of Google. With this improved & streamlined presence we continue to attract more patients & improve the user experience for existing patients.

- Dr. Edward B., Doctor

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy
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4. Social Media Monitoring

We manage your social channels to ensure that your practice information is up-to-date, your name is easily found, and your social posts reach the local community.

Patientfy monitors 24/7 for patient social reviews and manages your reputation when negative reviews come around.

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

With Patiently’s help, social media reviews get answered. This helps us empower our team to keep doing what we do best - providing a top-tier patient-centered experience.

- Dr. Maria B., Doctor

Healthcare Web Design - Patientfy

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