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Practice Branding

Attract, convert, and retain patients with a brand that creates a unique experience and supports your long-term growth.

Attract more patients

Deliver a better experience

Generate more loyal patients

Incredible benefits:

With Patientfy your practice marketing is modern, engaging, and measurable.

Think full service practice marketing with fully built-in HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance.

Do it all with Patientfy.

Start growing with a truly integrated practice marketing strategy.

Practice Analytics

Identifying areas for new patient expansion, where, and how your services will best resonate.

Local Analytics

See local trends for your services and how your practice marketing can attract patients.

Software Solutions

Use the best software for online booking, digital forms, website chat, and unlimited reviews. 

Customized Support

During COVID, we even helped process 10,000 tests results for our clinic clients.

Full Practice Marketing

From branding to practice website to SEO to ads to practice technology, we simplify all of it.


We’re compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and privacy laws. Never worry about compliance. 

Own Your Brand

Never worry about renting to have your brand. It is your vision, it is yours forever.

No Long Term Contracts

We know you'll love it, which is why we offer monthly billing and painless cancellations.

Custom Everything

Everything we design, build, write, and deliver is driven by data and your practice goals.

The practice marketing solution that helps providers thrive.

Patientfy simplifies practice marketing so you'll never have to worry about your brand, website, SEO, digital ads, and patient intake process.

Practice Website & SEO

The only custom practice website you'll ever need to engage patients, get more bookings, and grow your practice revenue.

Out rank competitors on Google

Convert more visitors to patients

Promote and expand your services

Incredible benefits:

Patientfy is proven to drive growth for any practice size and specialty.

Startups, established practices, DSOs, and Medical Groups trust Patientfy to lead their practice marketing.

1 Location


Our patients continue to share how easy it is to navigate our custom website, pay online and schedule appointments. Ever since we started with Patientfy, the majority of new patients come from Google.

9X growth in new patients

3 Locations


We saw a huge growth in our SEO keyword rankings. Patientfy is incredibly responsive to all our requests. They have customized our website to fit our business model.

#1 keyword rankings

3 Locations


I love working with Patientfy and the results they provide. I am impressed at the quality of work and speed that Patientfy delivers their services.

$28/new patient from Ads

1 Location


With Patientfy we integrate our website and patient communications. It is easy and it is helping us grow.

4X more online appointments

Practice Software

Use the best and latest health technology software to integrate and scale with your existing practice management system.

Solutions used by top practices

Never worry about implementation

Always HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant

Incredible benefits:

Practice Advertising

Run ads across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and popular TV channels to attract the right patient base to your practice.

Increase awareness in your community

Attract the right patient profile

Never pay extra fees on ads

Incredible benefits:

Patientfy works with healthcare providers across the world.

If you treat patients, Patientfy is for you.

7 Locations

Primary Care

With Patientfy’s help, social media reviews get answered. This helps us empower our team to keep doing what we do best - providing a top-tier patient-centered experience.

9X growth in new patients

1 Location

Medical Clinic

One of the best business decisions we've made was to hire Patientfy. Our website stays updated, secure, & on page 1 of Google. With this improved & streamlined presence we continue to attract more patients & improve the user experience for existing patients.

4X more online appointments



Patientfy built our website from scratch. We use Patientfy to expand our practice reach to zip codes beyond our office through high Google rankings.

#1 multi-city keyword rankings

1 Location

Urgent Care

With Patientfy my admission forms are digital. They can be filled out right from my website allowing for a streamlined patient admission process.

9X growth in new patients

1 Location

Physical Therapy

Patientfy is the best service for any healthcare provider looking to have a consolidated solution for web design, seo, social media and HIPAA compliance.

22% website conversion rate

1 Location


Our patients continue to share how easy it is to navigate our custom website, pay online and schedule appointments.

6X growth in new patients