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Build awareness and attract more patients with digital ads.

Your audience is spread across digital channels like social media, forums, streaming platforms, and even niche apps. Patientfy brings your brand beyond Google and Facebook.

Medical and Dental Practice Marketing - Patientfy

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

All of Patientfy digital ads start with a comprehensive strategy that consider your practice, demographics, business objectives, and layers of data to show your ads to the right patient audience.

With Patientfy your digital ads will be designed and launched using a strategy that will guide visitors from awareness all the way to booking.

Go from traditional to modern ads

Increase your conversion-to-booking rates

Less marketing budget on bots and fake leads

Benefits up-front:

Facebook Practice Advertising - Patientfy
Instagram Practice Advertising - Patientfy
LinkedIn Practice Advertising - Patientfy
Twitter Practice Advertising - Patientfy
Snapchat Practice Advertising - Patientfy
Tiktok Practice Advertising - Patientfy
YouTube Practice Advertising - Patientfy
Google Ads Practice Advertising - Patientfy

Patients are not always searching. They are scrolling across feeds.

Patientfy powers up your practice digital marketing with display, social media, native, search, and video ads that increase your practice reach.

Contextual & Relevant Ads

Patientfy designs ads that are relevant and create interest. Our marketing strategists write ad copy and work with our creative design team to build an integrated set of ads shown where your practice is most relevant.

Patientfy brings you an unmatched level of advertising and technical expertise only seeing in enterprise organizations. 

Create engagement and trust faster

Increase practice marketing effectiveness

Show up when people need you the most

Benefits up-front:

From Search to Scrolling

Your patients are spending more time scrolling than searching for solutions. This is why Patientfy is a leading provider of ad space across the hottest platforms where your most valuable patients engage daily.

With Patientfy your digital ads will show up in different formats to ensure your brand captures the attention of any type of patient engaging online.

Diversify your reach and expand your brand

Stay ahead of competitors with adaptive ads

Differentiate and attract when trends are happening

Benefits up-front:

See how Patientfy can help grow your practice.

Patientfy simplifies practice marketing so you'll never have to worry about building your brand, attracting the right patients, and growing your practice.

Getting started with Patientfy is easy.

Share your practice goals, select the best plan, and go live in a matter of days. It's that easy.

Request a free discovery meeting

During this time, we would love to know your challenges, goals, vision, and ambition for your practice.

Go live and grow your practice

We take care of all the tasks so you can focus on your patients and managing your practice.

Select the best plan for you

Choose from 3 plans uniquely designed for starting-up, building awareness, and hyper-growth. 

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