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We handle over a million digital patient engagements every year for Healthcare providers.

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We have experienced first-hand the difficulty of traditional healthcare websites, their lack of security, and how complex it is to schedule a healthcare provider. Digital technology has moved rapidly, leaving healthcare practices behind. It seemed clear that there should be a website service focused on improving the digital healthcare experience while being secure.

Building an effective healthcare website is a problem rooted in old thinking. We love the web and care deeply about code, design, and usability.

Patientfy has partnered with some of the biggest software and cloud service providers to bring you scalable websites and HIPAA compliant applications.

Our mission is simple: Digitalize the world’s health professionals to make them more successful and effective at interacting and acquiring patients.

Our product is service: We provide healthcare web design and HIPAA compliant apps for small to large practices including clinics, health systems and hospitals.

Patientfy websites and HIPAA compliant apps are patient friendly, easy to use, easily integrate to healthcare practices, and effectively enhance the patient admission process.

Patientfy launched in July 2013.

We help +40 specialties with single to multiple locations.

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Physicians, Dentists and any Specialists

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Surgery Clinics and Urgent Care

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Ambulatory and EMT Services

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Hospitals and Health Agencies

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